A Little House for a New House

I had lunch with my Mom the weekend after Mother's Day weekend. It was just too crazy with graduation stuff. I made some home made wrapping paper. Had some fun with home made stencils and some stamps and then I took the little wooden house that I made and wrapped it up with bling because my mother loves bling. I think the gold ribbon looks awesome with the colors in the wrapping paper. I hadn't realized how long ago I had made these little wooden houses which you can see here. I actually used one of these and one of these I was pretty tickled with myself. At one time I had posted them in my once upon a time Etsy shop and they have since sat in a box waiting for good homes. Not only does Mom like bling she really loves art with buildings and houses etc and since she is moving to a new house pretty soon I thought this would be nice to hang in her new home. She loved it!! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I agree with your mom! Any art with houses/buildings is special. And isn't she lucky to get this as a gift!!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Great wrapping paper, Jo. I love bling too. Must be the generation. I'd be scared to use the saw for fear of getting my fingers cut. Brave you.