Moving the Studio Continued

Last week I shared with you that I was in the process of moving my studio from an upstairs bedroom to the room downstairs that I had deemed "the library" because of it's wonderful floor to ceiling book shelves. I had really outgrown my space upstairs and been feeling confined and always cluttered. Not that I minded the clutter but always having to clean up one thing totally before working on another in terms of surface space. So, being able to spread out was/is important to me. I wanted to be able to see things around me within reach and not always having to go searching through a drawer or a bin to find it. So here are some pictures of my new space taken in spurts over the last several days. I do think eventually I would like to paint this room and get rid of these awful drapes which were left here by the previous owner. Drapes this size can be pretty costly and so they have remained for now keeping the cold out of this old house. I like being on the first floor so I can be around my visually impaired, very elderly dog, Buddy, who has a favorite spot on the floor of this room. More to come. I hope spring has sprung where you are. It's not quite here yet but I feel pretty "springy" hanging out in my new creative space. Thanks for visiting.


  1. WOW! Room to spread out is an understatement! And the drapes are fine. Totally inconspicuous and functional (and paid for, as my Husband always likes to remind me! ;) )

  2. A wonderful new purpose for your room. I think you know that I moved my art stuff to my dining room, which was rarely used. I have enough credenza and cabinet storage in there to hide the art supplies If I want it to be a dining room.