Every so often I take pictures of my working space, the space I carved out for myself when children began leaving. The space I dared after so many years to deem my studio. I have seen it change as I have changed, as my art has changed. When I returned to art after years of not doing it, after being a wife and mother, I worked on an old table in the study. Some time after that I took over my daughter's room and called it my studio. Brick and board bookshelves that had traveled with me from apartments to rental houses and finally this house became the feature for holding art supplies, art books,journals anything having to do with creating. I thought I was doing pretty well for a few years. I used every available surface space I could find. And then came the "clothes lines" strung from one window to the other. And more shelves on top of tables....... An then there were ladders and big garbage bags taped to walls and plastic drops clothes on the floor. And then something happened........... something changed... How has your creative space changed? Stay tuned......... and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yup! As I evolve, so does my space!

  2. OMG! I'm loving all this lovely mess.....reminds me of home. LOL

  3. How interesting to see your studio and supplies.
    What has changed? - I'm looking forward to the next episode!