Christening the Studio

In the last two posts I shared that I had moved my studio space from an upstairs bedroom to the room that I used to use as a living room, the room I had called the "library" since it has floor to ceiling bookshelves. I dearly love books and they've always been important to me, so I had no trouble filling it when it was the library. Anyway, I had to do something in the new space even with the chaos of being disorganized. I had already gessoed a large piece of brown craft paper in the old space and it was begging me to throw some color down. So, that's what I did. And I doodled and stamped and just played. My younger brother Jim is a wonderful musician and composer. He can play a "mean" piano. I happened upon this site recently and came across a vintage music magazine. I bought it and started using it in the background of some art journaling pages. I decided it would be a pretty cool birthday gift for a "vintage brother," being a musician etc, so I ordered another one for him. I wanted to send a surprise birthday gift in the mail which is what prompted me to make a mailing envelope. But when I tried to tape it up with the standard clear packing tape, it would not stick because the paper was now like canvas. I tried duct tape. It stayed for a few hours but I knew it would not hold either. I could have placed the entire thing inside another mailing envelope but that would have defeated the purpose of creating a piece of art for all the postal system to see. lol. In the end it ended up being hand delivered. And at the last minute I thought I should have lightly outlined little 4 x 6 squares so he could cut the piece up and have a few little pieces of art. Oh well. Maybe I'll still mention that to him. So that is how I christened my new studio. Next I want to make a fun hanging banner for the studio, maybe hang it from one side of the room to the other. If you like vintage things, check out the collage stuff site and thanks for stopping in.


  1. Lucky brother! I know how cool it is to get a 'special' envelope in the mail! :)

  2. Your brother's gift of art is fantastic. I love the bold colors and the piano keys.

  3. Take a look at Daisy on my blog.