Marbleized Paper

Hello friends. I hope you are well and warm. On Christmas Day here in Virginia it was on the warm side. I think in the low 60's so I opened some windows in the studio. I filled a dishpan with some water and tore up some card stock. I sprayed the water with several colors of spray paint and took a stick and swirled it lightly on the surface of the water. I quickly laid some torn paper on top of the water, left it there for about 10 seconds and then used some tweezers to remove the paper. Pretty cool don't you think?. I will say this. You have to do this with ventilation and I probably should have done it outside; even with the windows open I still got a bit of a headache from the fumes of the spray paint. I also noticed that after using the same pan of water the paint was sticking to the stick as I swirled the water and so I had to spray more paint before I laid the paper on top of the water. I was too impatient or maybe too lazy to change the water. It was all trial and error. Still the results were pretty neat. Have you ever done this? Tomorrow I want to share the lovely pieces the women in my Saturday mixed media workshop have been working on. The results are so amazing. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I haven't tried this myself but I have seen this done with marbling inks. You can get some great results. Yours turned out great and on CHRISTMAS DAY . Where did you find the time?
    Best Wishes to you Jo for 2015

  2. Wow -- yummy looking! Hope you got some fresh air!

  3. Way cool! What kind of paper did you use?