Glue Gun Stencils

One of the things I played around with in my absence from this blog was to try and make some stencils with a hot glue gun. I'd read about it on Traci Bautista's web site awhile back and had attempted it without much success. I decided to try it again. I figured out with my heat gun you have to lay the glue on pretty thick. It was trial and error. Here's one that doesn't yet have paint on it. This one gets a bit better. Then I grabbed a piece I'd done weeks ago on the gelli plate and added some black stenciling and tried the glue gun stenciling on top with bright red paint. I like it. Did some more playing on a paper towel with two stencils and two colors. Then I tried it on a deli paper gelli print. I like the organic "ness" of them. It takes some patience (for me) and practice to coordinate the squeezing out the glue from the gun and drawing the design at the same time. I understand there are some changeable tips on some glue guns, and mine look somewhat heavy handed but I like them nonetheless. Have you tried to make these? Thanks for stopping in.


  1. It's on my (long) list of things to try! I like yours! (I'm going to 'cheat' and draw a design first and then cover it with glue, I'll be less likely to mess it up that way!)

  2. Haven't tried this but I love it and think I will in the New Year! I have however cut stencils just from regular paper and done it on a big canvas....I like it because it's a one of a kind. The paper can only take a few paint tries. I bought some vellum to try ages ago but never did.... Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Hugs Giggles