Marbleized Paper Continued

Yesterday I showed you my experiment with making marbleized paper. I sprayed the surface of a dishpan fill of water with spray paint and then took a stick and slowly stirred the paint around. I tore some pieces of water color paper and laid it gently on the surface producing some very cool patterns. I did most of the rest of the patterns with card stock which seemed to do just as nicely. Yesterday when I was in The Dollar Store I found a weekly planner for 2015. My thought in getting it was not necessarily to use as a planner (I'm still stuck on the small pocket sized calendars for my purse. Call me old and/or stubborn) but to leave it in the car in the morning to write a word or a few thoughts down, maybe throw a bit of paint down with some water color crayons, sort of a quick document my day/morning kind of thing. Could be a place for reminders, lists, ideas etc. Anyway,as I was sitting in my studio with these pieces of marbleized paper on the floor next to me, I figured I'd need something to inspire me with this cheapo journal, so off I went tearing up the paper and gluing it down. Matt medium did not work as well as mod podge in this case. With the exception of the torn paper (which is from my made collage stash) in the upper right and lower left corners, it's all from my experiment with marbleizing the paper. I'm pretty sure I will add more to the cover at least. It needs more...... more Jo stuff. Today I was going to share the pieces that we've been working on in my mixed media class on Saturday mornings, but I will save that for another day. Thanks for stopping in.................................Jo

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  1. Very cool! I see a face...a profile facing to the left. Maybe a Native American.......with a strong chin and flowing hair.