The Smash Book Overhaul- Finished.

I first started telling you about my project of overhauling the Smash Book somewhere in 2012. For those unfamiliar with this it's kind of like a fancy place to put all the things we used to collect in drawers when we were growing up, maybe a memory book of sorts or a pre-scrapbooking book. I purchased it on a whim of sorts because of it's hard cover, pretty sturdy paper, and a few things already written on some of the pages which sparked some ideas for me in terms of exploring art journaling. So, it looks like this basically in the store, give or take size and or color, but the jist of it is this. Here's some pages before I got my hands and teeth in to it. You can see some of the decorative paper here.I've shown you bits and pieces of it over the last 2 years. Yes, it took me two years to complete it. I know this because I marked the beginning by proclaiming I had done my taxes on 2/18/12. It seems fitting on this day that not only is the book finished but that I am showing it to you on this "memorable American day." I will share with you my Smash Book as I have over hauled it. Stay tuned....... Just to start you off here's the cover.

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