More Quietly and More Deeply and Patty's Garden

I am continuing on with sharing my Smash Book Overhaul. This book took me two years to finish. Two years! Good grief! But look at all the other art I made in the interim. If my memory serves me correctly (and it doesn't always) I think I discovered spray inks and gel pens here and I rediscovered how much I really like teal/ turquoise with this shade of green. Although the next pages pretty much speak for themselves, I have to share with you that Patty is my oldest and dearest friend. Spanning thirty some years we have shared much laughter and tears. Patty is an all around creative person, a wonderful watercolorist, and her canvas for a good many years has been her garden. Seriously, when I have visited her I feel as if I have been to the botanical gardens. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It means a lot. Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned for more.

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