Making My Own Ornaments

I am using my art to make some ornaments this year. I wish I had started in July. You can do a lot with those clear plastic ornament balls. So, I will show you over the next couple of days what I've done with some of them. Here's the first one. Do you notice how the ball looks a wee bit warped? Oops! I didn't know a heat gun would get hot enough to do that. I could probably have changed the entire shape of this had I kept going. And did you notice the face that appeared in the second photo on the right side? I gessoed it first, because you need a "tooth" for the paint to stick on with these glossy orbs. Then started fooling around with different paints, and couldn't wait for it to dry. Hence the heat gun. Then added my little tree doodles. Have you made some ornaments or decorations this year? Tomorrow I'll show you some more. The last time I posted it was ridiculously warm, in the high 60's and I was wishing for some "normal" December weather. I did get some freezing rain, no snow, but was grateful for not having any power outages.It rained enough that my backyard is a swamp land. This morning I went out to start my car and it was 23 degrees. It feel like December. Thanks for stopping by.............. jo


  1. Oh, you should definitely 'shape' the next one! Who wants boring round ornaments!!!! ;)
    I like the face!

  2. Ooh I Love your christmas Bubble,its realy beautiful.i love the face too :-)