Three Letters

I sometimes visit and participate in a site where right now I am participating in a group called Three Letters. It was decided to write letters to three people about a favorite Christmas memory. I have the usual fun family Christmas memories, but the one that stands out in my mind from childhood is dancing in church on Christmas eve. Yes, I said, dancing in church. For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know that my father was a Methodist minister. I grew up with dance used in worship. Anyway, I guess it was a big deal for me back then since I was the youngest dancer in a group of mostly older teenagers, and I wanted to be hip, slick and cool like them. So, for many years, on Christmas eve I got to be up late at the 11 PM candle light service processing down the aisle with lighted candles. It was really beautiful. It was there that I had my introduction to performing and the performing arts. That memory stays with me, especially at Christmas time. As I got older I also directed a dance choir or liturgical dance group which performed in upstate New York in many churches through out the year. My letters to three people told about that memory. I found some old onion skin typing paper(remember typing paper?) and set to work, hand writing three letters.
So these letters will be going to the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. There is something really beautiful about watching moving candle light in darkness. There was something really magical for me as a young girl moving that light. I am the one in the front at the edge of the altar, balancing on one knee, looking pretty serene, but probably trying really hard not to spill hot candle wax.
So, do check out Coach Creative space. I think there are a lot of very creative and supportive people there. Thanks for

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  1. As 'art' they are beautiful, but what catches my attention is your lovely handwriting! Do you 'do' calligraphy? If not you should, you're half way there!