New Year Coming

I added a bit more to this page in my jumbo sized journal. I just love the colors in here with my handmade stencil.
I used "Texture Fierro" something I found in a discount bin at Michael's many months ago and some compound joint tape from the hardware store to rough up some parts in gold and get some grid like dark areas.
I laid down the joint compound tape and then spread texture on top like buttering toast and then lifted it off, but left some areas with the tape on. The gold tear drop shapes are made from a stencil I made myself, as are the large flowers. I am also making a calendar in my journal. You've seen this page before, too.
I cut out 2x2 squares of photocopied pieces of my art and have it set up for the month of January. I can add a bit of something on each day which would be kind of cool to look back on.
I am ready for a new year. I am ready to begin again and anew. Thanks for all of your support, kindness and friendship. Thanks for being one of the reasons I keep returning here. The company is good in this community. Thanks for stopping by................Jo

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  1. I always like your colors! LOL And yes, the company is very good here. HAPPY NEW YEAR!