More Smashingly Smash Book pages...

My goal is to get this
finished by the end of the year or very shortly after. I just feel the need to get it finished. I have so many unfinished projects laying around the studio and it's really beginning to bug me. Here's a couple more pages.
If you had to leave your home in an extreme hurry what things would you take? What are your most important possessions? I decided I would grab family photos,my pets, my written journals, some art journals, maybe a few books, and as many art supplies as I could. And this one.
In my "spare moments" where nothing in particular is going on ( ha ha ha ha ha. AS if that ever happens) what do you think about? I think about all the ideas I have and the art I could be creating. It seems that all my ideas seem to come while I'm at work, which is good because I can sometimes quickly jot it down and email it to myself. But when I get home at the end of a work day, I often don't have the same kind of energy or energy at all because I have spent much of it already. Thank goodness for the weekends which, of course, go by far too quickly. I find that frustrating. What do you think about in your "spare moments?" Thanks for stopping by.................................................. jo

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