Shhh. I'm making a birthday card for my fairy godmother. It's not done yet so if she reads my blog post she'll get to see it in progress and know that it will be late getting to her.
Recycled cereal/snack/cracker boxes and baby wipes.......... Yes, the baby wipes I ironed one night while watching a Netflix movie. I saw a container with flowers on this so that's what I turned it in to, and having just come from running an errand where the fall foliage is in its peak, I tried to bring those colors home.
I drew and painted a leaf.
And here's another page in The SMASH BOOK OVERHAUL.
And lastly, my folders in my WHAT'S ON MY ART TABLE NOW have met each other. Duh. What does that mean? A year ago today this is what I was working on.
and this
Some of these pages still look like this. lol! But I've done a lot of art in between all those pages. It's a good day! I'm so happy to be not at work today. And my twin brother bought this from my me
I don't think I got it right with the above but here's hoping I got it right now If you haven't yet checked out my shop, please do. Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for

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  1. I LOVE the leaf! Sometimes I miss the change of seasons (sometimes, lol.) Congrats on the sale. Always good for the fragile ego! (Interesting fact, you are a twin and you gave birth to twins! Well, I think it’s interesting!)