I Just Couldn't Help Myself.

My daughter was sorting through some of her boxes in her bedroom recently and came across an old sketch pad of hers from when she was a little girl. She was, at first going to throw it away, and I suggest she just might want to save it for "posterity." She put it, and some of her books on a downstairs book shelf and it was then forgotten about. A couple of days ago I had to lift up the sketchpad to use the dictionary. (Does anyone besides me still use a real dictionary?You know. The kind that you can hold in your hand? It seems to me I could have used the online dictionary but it was like habit to go get it. Anyway, I opened up Liza's sketchpad and I just couldn't help myself. Here is the earliest photo where I have begun to add color but you can still see the original outline of her sketch.
Here it is finished. Yes. I said finished. How many times have I said I don't know whether it's finished or not? This is finished.
Can you tell I had fun with this? This piece makes me smile- big time. Liza got lots of laughs as I sent her photos every time I would add something new to it. She loves it as much as I. So. I told her she would have to think about doing some more drawings before she started her new semester in college. In the meantime, in the lower right hand corner are both of our names as the artists. Stay tuned. My fairy godmother's birthday card is done but I can't show it to you until she receives it. She reads my blog so it wouldn't be fair for her to see it here first. Thanks for stopping

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  1. This is great! What a wonderful gift this would make for your daughter, in a lovely mat and frame for Christmas!