The Sketchbook Project Journal is Finished

I've been busy............ haven't we all........... but not too busy to notice the changes around me, within me .....the bursting, brilliant colors of this season........ I had a birthday...

... I finished The Sketchbook Project Journal.

It's titled Untitled...untitled-not named, not called by a title, having no right or claim, not entitled.......... and so I carried those words throughout the pages of the book in different languages.... art is diverse, universal. It speaks to all.

Here are some of the other pages I have not shared with you.

I would love to hear any comments from you.

I have scanned each page, but will be sad, in a way to let it go when I put it in the mail. I just might have to go to Brooklyn Art Library and visit it.


  1. Stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  2. AWESOME! So inspiring!

  3. Awesome...... Textured, colourful layers... Bloody beautiful! :)

  4. Beautiful journal, Jo! I want to reach into the monitor and touch it! It's hard to let our art go sometimes, but think of all those who will see it, page through it and be inspired by it!

  5. beautiful! It is exploding with colour! I did the 2011 tour and was a bit sad to send my book off - but I'm happily working on the 2012 one now.

  6. Many thanks to all who commented on my work. It is much appreciated!!.