It's a Damn Shame

I have been incredibly, wonderfully, creative lately. Seriously, I feel like creative "stuff" is running, bursting, pouring out of me. I've been wanting to explore art journaling more and so I am doing just that. I have a 7x10 Moleskine sketchbook that was purchased nearly 2 years ago, until one day I started gluing stuff to the pages. Then, I started adding paint. Then I found myself adding gesso,markers, then more collage............ then I decided to hellwithit!! I'm gluing these pages together for support. Forget practicing drawing. This is not what I need right now. I need color.I need no restrictions!! This is probably a release from the months of the tiny journal I completed for The Sketchbook Project. Here are bits and pieces of not-yet-finished journal pages. Can you tell I had fun?

And then there's always my nightly/daily addiction of index cards. I give Tammy at http://Daisy responsibility for that.

You can't waste paint.

I simply cannot decide which I enjoy doing the most.

And, I made another accordion book for a person who's very special to me.Since I didn't get it finished in time for your birthday, Pat, you get a preview. Happy Birthday!!! It will make it's way to your house soon. I hope you have a wonderful day. (If you click on that picture it enlarges nicely.)

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  1. Wonderfully colorful pages! I really like the blue/green combo!