Studio A and Studio B Continued

Yesterday I showed you what each studio looked like. Studio A is inhabited by MY MAN who turns out these monster paintings on light weight plywood that look like this:

and this

I reside in Studio B and this is what I am doing lately.

and these

What does this say about us as people, as artists? That MY MAN prefers not to be restricted or confined in small spaces or in life? That he has no patience for detail? Or does it mean that I am afraid to THINK BIG and BOLD, spread my wings and fly across the canvas and make wonderful, colorful messes? That I DO have the patience for detail and small spaces? That he is willing to take chances, risks, and I do not? I took a chance on you, I say.
I have watched him come out from behind his lap top and go at his art like a young child who has been given a set of paints for the first time. He has been given permission to play. He has taken flight and run with it. Therapy, he says. It's just therapy.

Interesting observation. Don't you think? Studio A and Studio B are directly across from each other. Good for paper airplane practice.

Notice that I had to take pictures of my art work on his art table because I had no room on mine? Stay tuned.


  1. Maybe it’s a yin/yang thing. Or a Mars/Venus thing? LOL

  2. Hi Jo, I think it's called Organised Chaos....and why not your work, the little houses are so clever.

  3. Hi Jo!
    I'm glad I found you through Wild Cherry's blog! I find it fascinating when couples are so drastically different, yet share a common interest. It's very cool that your man does art too! And it's nice that your styles are different... creates a wonderful balance.