I'm in Heaven

Toasted Almond Creme Cake. Yum. Melts in your mouth. Light, airy, sweet but not too sweet.
Ingredients: mascarpone, cream, eggs, sugar, ladyfingers, apricot kernels, wheatflour, cornflour, butter, roasted almonds, amaretto liqueur.

I had to look up what mascarpone was. A soft, italian cream cheese made from cow's milk, and ladyfingers kind of threw me off. Ladyfingers: a small finger shaped sponge cake. This cake was in no way finger shaped. Maybe lady fingers was more a description of the kind of pastry- a sponge cake. In the slang dctionary they give an example of lady finger: a marijuana cigarette. ex: Sam knows how to roll a lady finger. Hmm....... and all this time I thought it was called a joint. I wonder about the pastry chef where I purchased this from.
It doesn't list how many calories. I don't want to know. I'm going to devide this in to 3 sections (with my lady fingers) and savor this.


  1. Teresa VanAlsburgMarch 26, 2014 at 9:32 AM

    Do you have a recipe for this delicious dessert? I have had it and love it, but cannot find a recipe for it. If so, can you email it to me at
    Thank you!!