Sweet Sunday Samba - Finished

MY MAN and I had a cyber space romance for months before we actually met each other. We'd do this a lot on Sunday's and we'd talk about Samba's because we both like to dance. Then it became "What would Sunday's be like if we were not in fact talking in cyberspace or on the phone?" and we decided it would be Sweet Sunday Samba. Hence the name of the piece which I first showed you when it was a work in progress on 5/27/11. I think it ended up being a two year work in progress, which is entirely too long to be a work in progress but it happened. More like a work in procrastination.

Below are a couple of closeups of different sections, although I should have made them smaller pics for this post.

I guess I'm happy with it. It can be broken up into pieces for lots of little pictures. I used layers of various paper and costume jewelry. I was unable to find tiny enough gold brads that wouldn't go through the board and didn't like the way they held the gold leaves down, so I opted for gold tacs. The red netting covering the eyes on top and bottom came from photographs of us and a bag that held cherry tomatoes. It's about 2x3 on plywood and it's finally on the wall.

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  1. Wow! Such energy in this! Stunning! I LOVE the colors. Just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to be patient. And that art needs to be what it needs to be, no matter how long it takes!