Home Depot

Yesterday I went to Home Depot and brought back this.

and these.............

Alright. So I got all this from the car to the front porch. Next to get it in the house.

So, this mind you with the exception of 4 cinder blocks on the front porch took me several hours.... just doing a bit at a time and taking breaks........ you know the back is not as young as it used to be. Actually, I have no business doing this at all. But the real challenge is this....

Because I am both stubborn and detirmined and my studio looks like this...

My Man picked a good time to be in N.Y and me, well, once I get it in my head..... there's usually no stopping me.....I will keep you posted.

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  1. Would it help if I grunted with you? Lol It will all be worth it when you’re done! Good luck!