Lifebook 2014

Last year I gave myself a present by taking a year long on line workshop called Lifebook. Created by Tam Laporte, Lifebook was rich in a variety of teachers presenting a variety of styles, techniques, and themes. I did not do every single project as some quite simply did not resonate with me. But there were some that I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from. Last year I shared a few of those pieces as I was doing them, but I wanted to show you what it looked like in book form, or should I say my attempt at putting it in to a book. I am not a book binder, I haven't had the patience at times to attempt it, even though I know there are many ways to do it. I found my challenge was in having so many different sized papers made it hard to bind. I knew that I would not have the patience to coptic stitch this book together so thought binding it with binder rings would be ok but I was not happy with the end result. Perhaps down the road I can figure out how to better attach these pages together but for now, here are some of them. I had to find/make covers that were large enough for the largest papers. I ended up using the box that I had originally been storing my projects in as I completed them. You can see the hole I originally punched on the left side above the red ribbon and you can also see the holes in the upper side as I had changed my mind in the direction of how to open this book. Moving on. This was sort of a warm up exercise. We were to choose a word for the year. Originally my word was forgive, but I found it did not feel right to me, so I changed it to forward. Forgiveness or to forgive allows one to move forward. So this sort of guardian angel was there to remind me of that as I journeyed through the year. The next one was again, an exercise. The last one I'll show you today is from the wonderful Carla Sonheim's lesson where we made an envelope in which to put the imaginary creatures that sprung from paint blobs. More to show you tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. So cool! I LOVE the paint splatter one and the blob animals! Wonderful! ♥♥♥♥♥