Inktense Morning Pages

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know that I get up early in the morning- like 4:30am. This came about because this sweet boy has to pee at that time. I start the coffee brewing, run him out, feed him and give him his insulin, feed the cats, fix me a rice cake with peanut butter and my coffee and settle in on the couch for my writing of my Morning Pages. (Julia Cameron. The Artist Way etc.)Over the years of Morning Pages I have also learned I can create art on top of the pages. I have previously mentioned that I bought myself some of these for Christmas. I have to tell you these are my favorite art supply right now. The color IS intense. My Morning Pages writing is done on a cheapo composition notebook and the pages are pretty thin. I can easily throw down some gesso on top which not only covers up my writing but gives some strength to the pages. From there I lay some color down and can spread it quickly with a dry brush or slightly dampened. No. I did not do these all in one sitting. But I did lay down all of the background in one sitting, coming back on other mornings or evenings to add stuff. I think the fact that the color is so intense, I can use gesso as a paint to change the color, and that it dries so quickly is a plus when I am wanting something immediate- in a 30-45 minute segment, before I get myself started to start my work day. Yes, my fingers are messy with color before I head to the shower but it's such a nice way to start my day. For several weeks I have missed the partying going on over here where you can find a lot of pretty nice folks and some very cool art. I am also linking here where you will also have a good time. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your pages are so vibrant and full of life. I wish I could get up at 4.30. I guess I'd need a sweet little doggy like yours to wake me. Happy PPF

  2. Hi Jo. Love your journal pages. Love those colors used. Great job.:)

  3. SWEET DOG! My favorite is the yellow page. See ya soon.

  4. I LOVE the first spread! Do the thin pages really hold up under all that paint/ink?

  5. Nice work Jo! Love all the journal pages. Gesso over cheap ppaer is always good, they are my fave supplies. Hugs to your four footed furry boy! Valerie

  6. Oh wow those pages are are such a good dog mom!! I used to do morning pages they are so worth it, purging the minutiae from your brain to let creative energy in! In the last page I see an amazing profile, second to last I see a face too! So much fun depth! Keep up the good work!! I love your tenacity!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Love the pages, Jo. Very bright.

  8. You created the most beautiful morning pages which I have ever seen. Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  9. 4.30 a.m! That's not a time I recognise, well done for being able to make art then.
    Fascinating what you have made with these blocks of colour. My favourite are the left hand lady and the page with the flowers at the end. I see what you mean about the lovely intense colours.

  10. Your journalpages look great! Really love all of them. And yes: Inktense are THE best!

  11. Great pages Jo!
    What a lovely dog.
    I don't have the inktense blocks .. mine are from another brand but they are similar and I love them also so much..
    the inktense coloring pencils are also fantastic - bought a few for testing... love them --so rich pigmented and water resistent when dry... ( think the blocks work the same way what I have heard)

    Thiught it would be fab if you share this pages with us at


    they fix the theme:
    Birds, Beasts & Humans

    Happy PPF! Happy Sunday!