On A Whim

I recently opened up one of my bigger journals which is something I hadn't done in awhile and began to rework this. Pardon the quality. I took this at night and I couldn't get the lighting right. I think I am returning to my "I wanna do better faces thing." I started playing around and trying to add more paint, shading etc. And then this one was already nearby me on the table. Pan pastel on the face. ON a whim I set this one on top of the other. Pretty funny. Somehow even though the card stock is not laying down flat, the colors seem to work with one on top of the other.The background becomes more interesting. Neither piece is finished. Her mouth is crooked. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think it works too! Faces, in real life, are not symetrical either. I like that her smile is crooked.