More Fun on Saturday

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday at my local arts and crafts store with some very creative women. While we didn't work as much in our journals that day, we did a similiar group exercise that we'd done the previous week. Last week we each had a piece of card stock and after following a prompt we passed our paper to the person to the left of us. By the time our own work had gone around the table several times with a new person and a new prompt, it was transforming. This week I spread a large piece of brown paper in the middle of the table and that became our shared canvas. Everyone participated in the prompts so it was one big creative collaboration, each person adding their twist. We learned that paint can be put down with things other than paint brushes. I asked them not to get too attached to the areas or sides they were working on and switch to the other side of the table. Like turning a canvas, switching to the other side of the table allowed us to see it from a different perspective. While we did not completely fill the paper, we did have a good beginning. I found it to be quite a lot of fun and I think they did as well. I am enjoying the day off from work today and am off to go play in my studio. I hope you are having a peaceful day. Thanks for stopping in.