Dance of the Pumpkins- The Finale

I actually made a lot more little ones, but they didn't all make it to the photo shoot because some were given away, some started to get mooshy making little messes on the dining room table. I stamped, stenciled, gessoed, painted, collaged and doodled........Gel pens and sharpie paint markers worked well on the largest pumpkin. The smaller ones were ok but I found I had to use a lighter touch so as not to peel the paint off. I'm not sure if black gesso might have worked better than the quick black spray paint. Might have to try it again next year. Collaging in the round was a bit of a challenge. :) Thanks for stopping


  1. The little ones are sooooo cute! ♥♥♥

  2. What a family!! Amaising! I like doodling and zentangle very much, but together all are the best.