Anybody Seen My Mojo?

I am struggling lately with.............. what? That I have a ton of things I have started and not finished? That I feel like I don't have enough hours in a day to do what I want to do with art? That I seem to be a bit overwhelmed with life at the moment? Feel mentally and physically fatigued? Unfocused but focused enough to know I am not focused. That I constantly struggle with the fact that my day job is not exactly soul fully rewarding but will keep a roof over my head? That I am feeling old? All of the above. Gosh! What a pity party I have come to! I don't have anything new to show you. I seem to feel I've accomplished very little lately. I feel like I lost my mojo and I want it back. Do you feel like that sometimes? What do you do? Wait and listen? Maybe I should try cleaning up my studio and start again. Maybe I shouldn't sweat this at all... If you see my mojo please send it home to me..............xoxoxo ................Jo


  1. It must be on vacation with mine! LOL I panic too, but it always returns when it’s ready. Enjoy your time off, clean your studio so you’ll be ready when MOJO gets back from vacation!

  2. I hear ya! Try cleaning the studio -- that sometimes helps me find my mojo. Keep us posted.