Be Careful About Reading Health Books. You May Die of A Misprint. ~Mark Twain

I finished the little journal. It was a learning experience, matching up the holes etc and not knowing if I should be going in the front or the back. And then I wanted to get the pages in a certain order as if reading a story and as I was sewing them in they fell on the floor so I ultimately ended up sewing one of the pages upside down. I think the tapestry needle was too big. I have marks on the spine I need to cover up. Still, I am tickled just opening up the little book and seeing the pages I created. Not too bad for the first time. I thought about mailing it to the Pink House Studio but she may still be recovering from her recent marathon event. lol.


  1. 'Doing' is the best way of learning! Looks like it turned out great! As honored as I would be to have it, I think you should keep it! It's your first 'baby' after all! ;)

  2. Hi Jo - wow! this is great. I've still to put pages together (the sewing bit of the exercise will be my big test, I'm not a sew it gal). Love your pages, looks like you put a lot of work into this.