I Merely Took the Energy It Takes to Pout and Wrote Some Blues." ~Duke Ellington

Did you miss me? I haven't been here for awhile. You know how life has a way of just getting in the way sometimes. I have actually been creating a lot..I have a lot of energy. I have been bouncing off walls .... just not getting it out there. Without a lot of explanation I'll just show you. Ok? Ok!
Yes. I finally got it set up in a place where it will get used. I have to review the book to remember how to use it.
An apron I have been working on for MY MAN (the wonderful chef that he is)for goodness knows how long. I think I got bored with it so I have to figure out how to fix that. I wonder if he'll really wear it.
These are some of the little indexed card images to go into this little recycled book I am making. And this is a work in progress. I new adventure to work on something so large. My art table is so full I have moved to the floor. I might have to rig up something to get it off the floor where I can stand up. It's hard working on the floor and forget it if you've left something up on the art table several times. I guess that means covering the wall with something or I might end up having to paint the wall. You know what happens if you give a mouse a cookie.
I went from one extreme to the other. A really mini book (using recycled toilet paper rolls) I've been working on in the mornings IN THE VAN before work. Do you remember the creativity kit? The things you take with you- on the go creativity kit? I have learned as the weather changes, you cannot leave markers and certain things in that bag. They melt or leak or get dried out. So I have had to make some adjustments as to what goes in to that bag given the season. Joanna, you cannot leave this stuff in a hot car all day. But I might need it! Whine. You cannot possible need all THIS STUFF in the 25 minutes you have before you go in to the building. This is the conversation I sometimes have with myself. So, I have resigned myself to resize for IN THE VAN times.
So, there you have it. Maybe I have ADD now in my 50's because I jump around so much. I feel like I am making up for lost time. I know a lot of people who have several projects going on at the same time. My trouble is that I do not have enough hours in my day. Damn 9 to 5 job gets in the way but it does pay the bills and provides for more stuff to play with. I cannot seem to regularly finish one thing. I get sidetracked because something else will ignite something else and I have to check it out. I am now writing ideas down in a little journal. Do you get that way? Do you have more than one thing you work on at a time? And is your work space so messy that to someone else it would seem you could not possibly find anything? But you, in fact know where every thing is or pretty nearly? If I cannot find what I need on my table I find myself walking in circles, making the rounds , trying to picture in my mind where and when I last used it.Kind of like I used to do in my driveway when I was in massage therapy school memorizing the origin and insertion of about 100 some muscles. Walking in circles, holding my little index cards, talking out loud. Hey!! Another idea ignited. I still have those index cards. I should get them out and use them as backgrounds for art. Ha ha ha. I make myself laugh. Thanks for visiting. Please come again.


  1. Welcome back!
    I know exactly what you mean. One idea leads to another and another and before you know it you have so many projects going you feel overwhelmed! LOL I have several things going at once and spread out all over the house. When I run out of room I know it’s time to clean so I can start over!

  2. Nice to see your work the index card will you keep them together!..just wondered. I'm having some problems with that at the moment, am journaling (grown up scrapbooks actually).

  3. oh wow - I love that big painting. you've been busy! your studio (and your brain!) sounds a lot like mine. half finished projects everywhere and an ever growing list of things to try next. I don't have a good systems for keeping track of ideas. I have a notebook in my work bag that gets some ideas, a notebook in the car that gets largely illegible scribbled thoughts while driving, a pinterest board, and a folder on my computer of pdfs and ebooks marked "try this". by the way - I still need your address for the flutterbye swaps so I can give it to your partner once partners are assigned. you can send me a flutterbye message or email me. iamrushmore at gmail dot com. thanks! -Karen