My Fairy Godmother and Smash

A couple of days ago my fairy godmother paid me a visit. She really did...... through the postal mail......... I recieved an envelope with a card that said......... I had a bit of extra fairy dust to share and this is for you......... cuz I love you. I have been seeing and reading about these new SMASH books. Do you know about them? They are supposed to be a kind of memory book, you know a place to store all those things you'd throw in a box or a drawer from that special moment or memory. There are all kinds of products to buy to go in to these books like tags and clips and all kinds of miscellaneous ephemera, which I'm sure is how they get you sucked in, and that's the intent. The books themselves are kind of neat in that they already have the lay out or ideas on the pages, simple words or sentences to start or spark an idea. The pages are pretty sturdy card stock, which I was drawn to, especially after spending so much time with my flimsy Moleskine. I think this book is kind of like a beginners art journal. If you're not sure where to go, what you want to do, the ideas are already laid out for you. Maybe art journaling/diary or scrapbooking 101. They come with a glue stick/pen all in one, so you can glue, write, doodle, and run. Smashing! Someone really was NOT smashed when they conceived this. Or maybe, they were.
Lo and behold a SMASH BOOK appeared..... thanks to my fairy godmother.
The afternoon and evening that it snowed here was a perfectly smashing time to play in this book. Here are some of my pages I started and some ideas in the works. I mean, come on!! I can sit on the chaise lounge with my in-the-van creativity bag and watch netflix while working in my SMASH book. I think I'm supposed the have a R symbol here each time I type SMASH , but I am too lazy to remember how to type it.
Miss Callie was keeping me company. So, my advice is to be careful. Don't get smashed. You might find you'll have too much fun, especially if your man is away. Thank you, fairy godmother. I love you, too!

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  1. I love your houses! Have fun with your new Smash book!