Bindweed Rainbowfiller

Someone sent me a link to a site that generates fairy names. You put in your name and it generates a fairy name for you. Mine came out as Bindweed Rainbowfiller!!! Ha ha ha ha!! Just call me "Bin" for short. I like the last name. Rainbow filler; the one who fills rainbows. Kinda cool. While I am imagining what she looks like, I started filling this rainbow page of watercolors with doodles.
Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Bin


  1. Very happy to make your acquaintance, Bin! LOL Share the link, I’d love to see what my fairy name would be. Great page BTW, LOVE the colors!

    1. lol!! Glad to meet you "EM." We must be related in some way. lol. I'm glad you posted the link. It is fun!!