Art Creates Joy

I am my most happiest when..... I am most happy when....... I feel most alive when I am creating. It brings me joy. It nurtures my spirit.
I sent a package to an online artist friend. I emailed her and told her to be on the lookout. I was as excited as she was, in anticipation, wishing I could be a fly in the wall to see her face when it arrived.
I get the feeling she was " tickled pink" in her Pink House Studio. I don't know whether it was the good, creative karma I get from her, her blog, her art work, her sharing, or the super cool magazine Where Women Create she sent me, or both.
Ok. So, what was IN the package was a print of PLANTED which was a collaborative, joyous, venture with MY MAN(see previous post) but she wasn't expecting the envelope it came in.
Here are some pics of some of that.

Art is meant to be shared. It brings joy to others. I'm happy to have shared a little joy.

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  1. And share joy you did! I WAS absolutely tickled pink! I thank you again!