Nearly a year ago I discovered the joy of Zentangle®. This art form created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, is based on a series of patterns, which when repeated, produce beautiful images. I love patterns. I love seeing the results of patterns put together with other patterns. I like the feeling I get when I "tangle a pattern" or even part of a pattern throughout the day. It seems to focus on me as much as I focus on it.I can often work through things in my mind at the same time doing a pattern. It calms me. I sometimes Zentangle® in the car before going in to work. It wakes me, focuses me. Creating a Zentangle® pattern or tile will unwind me at the end of stressful work day. It calms me. These patterns are done on 3 1/2 square tiles and when groups of tiles are placed together they also produce a beautiful peice of artwork.
I find there are some patterns more challenging to me and some that I am more drawn to. Either way there is something very satisfying about seeing instant results. Equally intriguing to me is incorportating Zentangle® patterns into other art or art forms, thus the term ZIA or zentangle® inspired art.

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