Early Morning

Early morning sights and sounds...........Woodpecker. Wait! Woodpecker on metal! Sounds like the clangy ring of an old time telephone. Does that make him a metal head?! Brown bunny "scurry hops" across the front lawn disappearing under the holly hedges....a cacophony of bird sounds, a symphony. The humidity is higher than my head likes this morning..... and here comes Metal Head. One, two, one, two. da da da da da da da dada

It's been awhile, six months too long. Daily life is full of interruptions. It's to be expected and so I am reminded. During my absence, here is some of what I have discovered: That my eyelids are drooping so my eyebrows have to be higher. That there are parts of my body that choose to bring me down instead of giving me a lift.That my body is more stiff in the mornings. That I can no longer just come home and rearrange the furniture. I used to do this quite often over the yrs. That my Wobble Chair (a large wide bicycle seat planted on a 5 gallon Home Depot plastic bucket) has become part of my den furniture so I can wobble the spinal fluid into my disks and stay more - well, stay more fluid.) It is not true that weebles wpbble and do not fall down as I have seen MY MAN who is a 6 feet plus tall weeble fall off this wobble chair. How he does this I do not know.

That I really like red as it shows up in a lot of my art. That Zentangles® and alcohol inks have inspired some great art work. More on that later. That it's really cool to hear ones own music on a CD even if no one else thinks so. That I really need to be better about posting. I have been incredibly creative for the last six months, but lousy at posting/sharing it.
That time is precious, that you cannot live your life for anyone but your self, that menopause sometimes means you have to tell others (except your boss) to leave you the heck alone. That hot flashes are sometimes the power surge needed to tell others to leave you the heck alone so you can create. That having that time and making that time for creativity makes one much happier in all aspects of one's life.

And so.... like the tree in my front yard, the one that I can watch the changing of the seasons, my seasons, I am branching out.

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