I Have Something to Say- Notes on the Altered Book Project

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this project of transitioning this book from A Help Me to be Good book to a Help Me to Be Me book. It's not quite finished yet but I thought I’d share the progress since I first introduced it back in May.

Toward the end of the book on a page which reads I Have Something to Say there is a pretty little girl’s face in the midst of jewels and leaves. She looks eager, bright-eyed, excited. At the bottom is a little flip up cover in which the following is written:

This book is dedicated to a little girl I’ve never met. Yes, Niyah (pronounced Nigh yuh) this was once your Help Me to Be Good Book. I wanted to make my own book to tell my story, a book about being Jo.
Although I have not met you, I know you are much loved. In the process of creating this book I was reminded of few important things: THINK BIG, NIYAH. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something. Believe in yourself and go after your dreams.
Thank you for getting rid of your book so I could make mine.

:) Jo

**Niyah’s mother is a coworker, a good woman, a friend. She gives permission for Niyah’s picture to be in my artwork and on this blog. 12/13/09

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  1. I take this story, which is joyous and indeed warm and wonderful, as a gift from one to another, whils allowing the gift to always remain just that, one gives away a book, u revive, said book, now when book reappears, it has new life new meaning, and still remains what it started out as. yes a gift,(smile)
    u r a classly lady, with a mild sweet and courageous heart. maybe it is your thirst for the art, that keeps u so young at heartsmile)
    u really do hold it together well
    so happy to know folks like u still exist..........