Altered Book Pages Continued.

I love jewelry. I have had a lot of it over the years, most of it given to me or passed on by my mother. I don’t think I wear jewelry well. I’m not that good at matching or finding the best to go with certain occasions. My mother wears jewelry well. I can sometimes count on her to “dress me” with just the right stuff.

I figured if I can’t or won’t wear certain jewelry, it must be used in art. Jewelry making is art so why not. Hence the jewelry on the altered book pages… sometimes broken intentionally, or not, those missing a mate, those pieces I knew would remain in little boxes in dresser drawers for the next 10 years, sewn or glued onto the pages, seemed to land there intuitively.

You can of course, click on the individual pictures and get a closer view. Enjoy!

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  1. I've watched this Dame, as she laid down her doodle game, never ever have I, after watching her, noticed myself seeing the same, not since I saw her desire to create, as if the child in her matured mind, talked her into falling back and not taking herself too serious, yes this is what it takes to be a woman with humility, she has the power and the skills to behave childishly happy and also play, while yet taking care of her bizz, and her daily strugglesto be prepared for another workday, a message to her friends,and a word to the wise just dont take her crayons away. ok............