I think as I am getting older I have less patience than I used to. Let me say this again. I know that as I am getting older I have less patience for technical stuff. My story goes like this. You know I've just moved my studio from upstairs to downstairs to this wonderful great room which used to be "the library," because it has floor to ceiling book shelves. It has become a wonderful studio space where most of the shelves are now housing art stuff, supplies etc. I also moved my office from another room into this new space. Dream come true. My printer of about 10 years kept saying paper jam for months where there was no paper jam and it would conveniently work at times if I rebooted the computer. Still it was not reliable. I bought another printer, a Canon, downloaded the soft ware, did everything I was supposed to do with running a test page, but could not get it to print from the computer. Ok. I take it back and put a little more money out for another HP (which I'd had previously) and got it home and installed the software, finally getting it to print from the computer. So, this is two weekends now, spent with just printer stuff........................................................... The next day, my very visually impaired, geriatric dog, Buddy, who has a clear path still in this room to his rug(or so I thought) bumped in to the chair against the computer desk, knocking over the computer onto the keyboard and cracking the screen. Ouch and expletive, expletive!! The story continues...... The crack in the screen was perfectly lined up on the left side of the screen totally blocking out the start menu etc. Best Buy was willing to send it off to be repaired, but it was a good chance it might have cost half the amount of what I paid for it 4 years ago, which did not make too much sense to me, and it was only possible for them to do it IF they carried that model in their store. They did not.......................................................................... Ok. Let's buy another computer that was compatible with what I had. And they would then transfer all my data, all my pictures, all my art to the new computer, yada, yada. Got it home to find out it was Windows 8 - no longer Windows 7 which is what I have been used to for so long. OK. It will take some time to learn to navigate these new surroundings. Kind of like Buddy. I'm thinking about a blog post at this point, but have not gotten that far. In the process of moving the studio I find these old family videos that are on CD and suddenly want to view them. Where is the bloody CD drive? I thought you said this was to be compatible with my old one? I go back to Best Buy and tell them my problem and I walk out with a nifty portable CD player for a reasonable price. I installed the software and got that working. But wait!! I still am learning how to navigate around this Windows 8 computer. I don't know how to get to some places, where to find it, what to do with it when I find it. Everyone wants me to create yet another password and account just to run this damn thing. Oh, yes, the printer needs to be reinstalled on this new computer. How much patience can one have? I was able to print a paper copy of my taxes. I was able to scan some documents. I about jumped through the computer with some special expletives when I hooked up my digital camera to upload some photos to my "What's On My Table" when I got a message saying something about the port not being supported for this activity. OK what the heck. I cannot import it where I want to because it's a totally new set up and I am a stranger in a strange land. I feel like I've been set up. It's all a test. OK, I say. Never mind. I'll figure it out later. I'll figure out later how to find my editing sources etc. and put the photos in the folders where I want. Just let me get a blog post up so I can go create some art. 21 Secrets is waiting. I go to Google Chrome like I always do and log in and am told I don't have any blogs. My blog does not exist!! OMG!! A few more choice expletives. Follow the prompts for "what do I do if cannot find my blog." That's stupid, I say. I can find my blog! I've signed in. Why the heck can you just not let me post?! Ok. So, I figure that out and here I am. Still breathing after seething. Laughing at myself. I DO NOT HAVE PATIENCE FOR THIS. These are from my little marbelized journal that I have been working on in the car in the morning before work. It's a quick way to get some art time in and it works well given the small size. It's really just a cheapo calendar book from THE Dollar Store that I altered with my marbled paper experiment one weekend. So, that, my friends, is my story. I have managed to find some pictures and get this post out. I know this was a long one........... thank you for your patience. I hope to be back on track as I learn to navigate this strange land. I hope you are well. Happy Easter. Happy Spring.