About fifteen years ago I bought an old Singer sewing machine from a coworker who was getting a new one. I think I paid less than $50.oo for it. It came with all these little boxes containing all kinds of gadgets, much of what I had no idea what to do with. I think I thought I was going to one day teach myself to sew more than the jumper I last made in "Home Ec" class back in junior high school. It was almost as much of a disaster as my only two knitted sweaters I attempted to make a few yrs later. Anyway, I don't recall doing too much more with it except hemming a few pairs of pants for me or my children through the years. But it went with me all through all the moves I made, finally landing in the garage when I bought my first(and only) house.

A few weeks ago I went in search of it in the garage, dusted it off and lugged it, and I mean lugged it, upstairs. Tonight I reviewed how to thread it, wind the bobbin and played around with stitching.

I attempted first to sew two pieces of collaged paper together and I guess the tension was such that I tore the paper - almost perforated it perfectly. I then tried a light weight index card which was ok. I wanted black thread but didn't have any black thread- or not enough so I used dark blue-probably denim blue which is why I believe I really did hem some jeans or pockets over the yrs.
My friend Robin over at Pink House Studio sent me something through the mail a few months ago. The mailing envelope was so beautifully stitched with all these cool swirls and designs.

Anyway, my mini sewing session was fun. I didn't throw any temper tantrums. I didn't get frustrated with myself. It was quite fun. I then proceeded to show MY MAN my experiment. Ooops. My bad!! Not a good move as he then announced he had a collar on a shirt that needed to be mended. Geeeeeeesh! Grrrrrrr......
I hope I can get my stitching to look as good as Robin's.


  1. I reckon you have done a great job with your sewing machine. Far better than any effort I would make as I am a sew-a-phobic (is that a word....well it is now). Hope your husband didn't find any more things to mend!

  2. Well done for biting the bullet, Jo!

    I've been dragging my sewing machine around with me ever since I left my parents house many moons ago. I keep thinking I'll get round to doing some stitching on it but all I do is hem curtains! Perhaps I ought to drag it up to the studio?