Sunday Morning

This is my most favorite time of year, although this year I seem to be more aware........ of the colors, the patterns, the shadows, the hair on my chin, the dark spots on apples and bananas, noise, my internal rhythm.

mongoloid squashes

and then there's The Sketchbook Project Book that is so thick now it does not close and some of the pages are coming unglued. I guess I will need to find another way to close it when it's finished.........

and it is coming to an end...........

I have to save some for the finale. Happy Fall everyone.



I have finally finished this peice. It's poster size, mixed media collage.
I am for now calling it 'Winter.' What do you think of it? Your comments are appreciated.



Maybe I am getting some of that...... audacity. No. On second thought, I already have some. I've always had it. I'm just showing it more.


Carry Me Back

Another journal page in The Sketchbook Project............. Carry me back to the place where I was me and didn't have to stop and seek the reasons.....


More of The Sketchbook Project

Good morning.
While I have lots of projects going on at one time, I am mostly concentrating on finishing up my journal for The Sketchbook Project. I am really finding it hard to be confined to this 5x7 space.

Here is how one journal page started.

and here is how it looks now. I'm still not sure if it's complete.

Here's the other side.
I should have scanned both pages together but didn't. Will save that for another day.